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Handling Medical Emergencies At Home with Shan Tripp: Medical Knowledge Every Mama Needs

As mothers, we are often the first line of defense when our loved ones face medical emergencies. In those critical moments, every second counts, & our ability to handle these situations with confidence becomes essential. Are we equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to save a life in those crucial minutes before professional help arrives? How prepared are we...really?

Let me introduce you to a beacon of hope & inspiration for mamas everywhere, Shan Tripp! Shannon is a mom to five beautiful children & was an ER pediatric nurse for 10 years. Being an ER nurse & mother gave Shan a unique perspective on how delicate the moments when your child is sick or hurt truly are. Shan wanted to share her passion with other mamas & created a course just for you!

mastering medical emergencies for moms

Imagine the peace of mind that comes with knowing you can act swiftly & decisively when faced with a sick or hurt child. The fear & helplessness that so often accompany these situations can be replaced with calmness & clarity. With Shan Tripp's expertise, every mama can tap into their hidden potential & become a true force to be reckoned with in these moments. Mastering Medical Emergencies for Moms teaches you everything you need to know with educational modules including videos, audio downloads, & PDF guides.

In this course, Shan covers the following topics:

  • Fevers If you have children, you know that pit in your stomach feeling when your child spikes a fever. But are they a bad thing? Not necessarily. You will learn more about what fevers are doing within the child's body & debunk a lot of myths.

  • Respiratory Problems Congestion, coughing, etc can be worrisome, but most symptoms of a respiratory virus can be safely monitored at home. Learn the signs of breathing difficulty breathing & when to take your child to the hospital.

  • Earaches Dreaded earaches. Personally, earaches were the hardest on my mama's heart, we went through a spell of them. Usually, earaches are a secondary symptom of another problem, learning how to understand why this is happening and when you need medical treatment is important.

  • Vomiting There are multiple reasons why your child could be vomiting. There are simple reasons & mild illness, but there are also less common medical emergencies. Shan will help you learn the difference & when it is time for medical care. (Note: regardless you'll also still probably catch it in your hand before it hits the carpet.)

  • Headaches Learn the difference between your children's common headaches & when they can be a concern for a more serious illness.

  • Head Injury The toddler phase seems to be a magnet for head injuries. They are so active, learning to walk, run, jump, & explore their surroundings. It doesn't matter how careful you are or how baby-proof your house is, you can't prevent them from every fall. There are a lot of myths about head injuries, but Shan will help you know when you need to worry.

  • Abdominal Pain Learn the difference between stomach pain due to a virus, bacteria, constipation, anxiety, food, or more serious issues such as appendicitis or reproductive problems. The combination of the location & your understanding can help you identify the potential problem at home.

  • Seizures These can be really scary to witness as a mother, in this section you will learn how to help your child if this happens & when to seek medical attention.

  • Allergic Reactions 1 in 13 children in the US have a food allergy. It is important to recognize the signs & tell the difference between a mild or severe reaction.

  • Broken Bones This is a tricky one to navigate. It can be difficult to know if a bone is broken.

  • Burns I remember when my son was 2, his grandpa had him throwing sticks into the fire pit. I said it was a bad idea, but they were having fun, he did end up touching the fire pit & getting a minor burn. I felt so bad & frantically googled what to do! In this course, Shan helps you learn the different types of burns & understanding each type will help you know how to help your child.

  • Ingestions Babies & toddlers love putting everything into their mouths, especially things you don't want them to have! There is a great risk of your child swallowing a foreign object or poison.

  • Choking This is the leading cause of death in young children, 1 child every 5 days dies from choking. It was & still is one of my biggest concerns as a mother. You simply don't have time to wait for help to arrive, you need to know what to do & how to do it calmly.

  • CPR A crisis can happen anytime, anywhere. It is important that you are confident to perform CPR if your child or someone else's child needs it.

As you can see, Shan offers a very comprehensive course that covers a variety of topics which are the most common for children to end up at the ER. She also gives you a bunch of bonuses that I know you will love!

reasons I recommend this course

Shan Tripp's course is not just a training program, it is a call for all mothers to reclaim their maternal power & take control of their family's well-being. One thing I truly love about this course is the way she speaks to you with all of the belief & encouragement that you can do this. What sets this course & Shan apart is its emphasis on empowerment, she instills us mamas with the unshakable belief that we can save our loved one's lives. No longer will we feel helpless & dependent on others during emergencies; instead, we will be educated & ready to make sure our loved ones receive the prompt care they need. Shan also has a great balance between holistic & modern medicine, which I really appreciate. This course won't just help you have a better understanding of these topics, but you can also educate your family or babysitters. If you aren't quite ready to take the course, she also offers a free 60 minute class.

exciting news

Shan has recently added a new course to her library: Parent Virtual Certification Choking & CPR. You can learn the skills you need to help save someone's life. Take your education & confidence even further with this course.

I have not taken this course yet, but it is next on my list. I will be sure to give y'all a review as soon as I complete it.

you got this, mama

Let us believe in ourselves that we can obtain the knowledge that can turn fear into action. Together, let us be the ones be the ones who make a difference when minutes truly matter.


You can find the course & more information on Shan's website, blog, & IG. She also has a great Podcast where you can learn more about her & her family.

Be sure to sign up for our newsletter & I will let you know if the course goes on sale!

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