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Updated: Mar 13, 2023

I am so happy you are here! The Resilient Mamas is a community for women to learn about different fields of preparedness and how to relate them back to motherhood. This is a place for you to feel safe, confident, inspired, and informed.

Have you ever found yourself googling these topics?

  • How to become more situationally aware?

  • How to conceal carry as a mother with young children.

  • How do I talk to my kids about current events?

  • What is the best way to teach my children about guns and why mommy carries one?

  • Self-Defense classes for women.

  • How to handle medical emergencies at home or with my children?

  • Survival skills to teach my kids?

  • How to teach my kids what to do in an emergency?

  • How to teach my kids situational awareness.

  • How to set my kids up for financial success.

  • What is the best gun safe to keep in my home?

  • What are some important documents I need in case something happens to me?

If you have found yourself up in the middle of the night searching the internet for answers to these questions, trust me when I say, you are not alone.

The backstory of an anxious Mama.

Have you ever seen those horses that pull carts in the city for a romantic ride to see Christmas lights? They have blinders to keep their attention focused on going forward, not worried about the cart they are pulling, or anything around them. That's how I felt when I was younger. Focusing on myself, doing what I wanted, and not really sure what was going on in the world.

Then I had kids....and the blinders were gone. All of a sudden the world became much larger, scarier, but also so beautiful. I had this amazing little boy who was perfect in every single way. As I started to notice each little change in his face, I started noticing more things on social media. Kids being kidnapped, mother's being targeted in parking lots, accidental shootings, choking, drowning, the list goes on. Every time I turned on the news or opened my phone there was danger around every corner. Anxiety was building inside of me, although I did not quite notice it yet.

Fast forward a couple of years when my daughter was born in the middle of the pandemic. Everyone was on edge, things had drastically changed between the two years when my son was born. Everything was heightened all over again (thanks alot hormones).

One day I was headed out to run errands and my son said something about going to Mimi's because Mommy didn't take him places. It hit me right in the gut, I was devastated. My son had already made the connection that I did not like to take him places. Sure, we all know that running errands without your kids is much quicker, but that's not why I was doing it. I realized that I was not taking him places because I was f*cking terrified of all the "what-ifs".

Courage is only one decision away.

I had to sit with myself, dig deep, and figure out what the issue was. I knew how to feed my kids, I knew how to hold them when they cried, I knew the way they like to be rocked, how my daughter likes to hold my hair to fall asleep, or my son likes a certain side of the bed and rubbing his back tickles too much, all that was was natural. I knew how to love them, but wasn't confident in how to protect them.

The first fear I was having was - What would happen if something were to happen to me or their dad? From here I was able to come to terms that getting a will, what-if binder, and passwords collected was the best way for me to feel prepared in the event that something happened to us.

The second fear was - We live in the country, what would I do if there was a medical emergency? I found an online course and gathered supplies to keep on hand just in case!

The third fear was the game changer - How do I protect my kids in public? I have always supported the second amendment, but I never really used it. So, I searched the internet for other mamas who carried, found some great resources on situational awareness, and great people to train with.

I will go into more detail on each of those in later posts to share my experience and recommendations with you, but that is just an idea of some of the situations I was experiencing. It may not sound like a lot but finding resources with actionable information truly changed my life.

I am not afraid anymore.

Gain Confidence through Preparedness.

Finding these resources, people, and companies truly changed the way that I viewed the world. I know now that I can teach my children to be safe but not afraid - a lesson I wish I would have learned much earlier!

I don't believe in the phrase "fake it till you make it." We all start somewhere & I think it is important to share the whole journey.

I hope that you decide to follow along to hear from some incredible people and get resources from professionals in their field! We have some really exciting things planned for you to gain confidence through preparedness!

They say it takes a village, let us be yours!

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